TomCon 2013

Episode V:


Long, long ago, in a galaxy far, far away…

It is a dark time for the Player Rebellion. Although
Trent’s Garage has been destroyed, TomCon has driven
the Rebel Player forces from their hidden base and
pursued them across the galaxy. Evading the dreaded
TomCon Starfleet, a group of freedom fighters have
established a new secret base in Plymouth, Minnesota,
at the cloud city run by notorious gambler, smuggler,
and scoundrel Tom Calrissian…


TomCon’s attack on the Rebel Players will occur continuously from Friday, July 26th to Sunday, July 28th.

During this time, the survival of the Player Rebellion hangs in the balance. Just don’t run off to face TomCon before you are ready, or you might lose a hand and fall out the bottom of Tom’s house.


Players must learn to channel the Force, namely through controlling their characters in epic battles of good versus evil played out on the hex mat. Hackmaster, Diablo 2 Expansion: Lord Of Destruction, and AD&D as usual will be tests for players to feel the Force flow through them. There will also be Naval War, d20 Modern (if there is interest), and other games of chance and skill.


As always, the grilling of bantha steaks and womp rats will occur, and Rebels are encouraged to bring a variety of nutritive sources to consume during the battle.


Luxurious quarters at the Rebel Base are available in the lower levels of Tom’s Cloud City, and outdoors if Rebels bring their own shelter units.


This year is a lot less structured than past years, a little more free-flowing, whatever-people-want-to-play gaming goodness. More will be added to this as we get closer to the date and we have more figured out.

Thursday night:
Early arrivals can enjoy whatever they feel like playing if they show up Thursday evening. Trent may organize a preview Savage Worlds character creation session for those present, to get a leg up on Saturday night’s event.

Traditionally, Diablo gets rolling on Friday. Any other games people want to play are of course welcome.

Trav is running his Hackmaster roll-n-run ARENA COMBAT TOURNAMENT on Saturday afternoon. Trent will be running his original module for Jack Shear’s Rob Zombie inspired Savage Worlds setting on Saturday night (though for those present Thursday or Friday, there may be a preview session for those interested so they can get a handle on character building and combat basics in the Savage Worlds system). Trent may also run Granite City Undead at some point if there is interest.

Other games are possible as well.

We have altered the deal. Pray we do not alter it further.